Exploring the Rocky Red
 The Mission to Mars

Welcome to Team 1025-901's informational page about the Mission to Mars! Here you will find many things about the upcoming mission. Our Space Exploration page will tell you about the importance of space exploration, what it would be like if we didn't explore space and some space-related careers. The History tab will tell you some of the histories of space exploration, the evolution of manned space vehicles, and the evolution of unmanned space vehicles. Our Mission to Mars tab will explain what is happening before the mission when it will start, and upon landing.  About Mars tab will tell you everything you would want to know about Mars! Our Timeline will show you steps we have taken to get this far in the mission. The Pros and Cons page will show the good and bad things about the mission. On our Interviews page, you will find two interviews our team conducted with our intermediate and highschool teachers. They told us everything they know about the Mission to Mars. You can see how everyone put in effort to make our website on the WorkLog tab. Lastly, we made sure to give credit to all the Sources that helped us create this masterpiece. We hope you enjoy Exploring The Rocky Red!