Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons for Mission to Mars


  1. Discovering new life forms - There have been many instances where we believed there were signs of life on Mars.
  2. Safety planet in case something happens to Earth - Some day the global population may not be able to survive off the resources here on Earth. 
  3. Valuable Natural Resources - Mars has several elements that are the raw materials that could be harvested and utilized to support and expand human exploration of Mars and beyond.
  4. Inspiration to Future Genertions - Making this trip to Mars will inspire future generations to pursue a career in space exploration. 


  1. Robots can do the job - If we send humanoid robots to Mars we can eliminate many of the dangers of space travel.
  2. Lack of Technology - Although NASA is developing a new spacecraft for deep space exploration, the technology to lift the required supplies into space hasn't been fully developed yet.
  3. It's very expensive - The Mission to Mars is going to cost more than 20 billion+ dollars
  4. This May be a Fatal Mission - There are many things that can go wrong on this mission. The astronauts who go on this trip are taking a big risk for their lives.