Mission to Mars

Before the Mission

NASA has to take many steps before going to Mars. In order to make technology suitable for Mars environment, they need to study Mars. In 2020 NASA will send a rover to Mars and study the resources there. Around 2024, NASA will use the International Space Station (ISS) to gather some more information about Mars.

Starting point (2018-2030)

NASA will begin crewed missions and spacewalks (between the Earth and Moon). This is the time when the station will start to prepare for the landing on Mars. They will do some more tests, for example they plan on testing the astronauts with a yearlong mission.

Upon landing

More testing is going to be done. Then, finally the astronauts will land in 2030! Assuming the ship lands in the appropriate spot, the astronauts will have to get to the base. The base will have been built by rovers prior to the landing. Once they have got to the base they will need to start colonizing the planet by: planting seeds for food and finding more permanent shelter. They will also need to do a lot of research to find out if Mars is habitable. 

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