Importance of Space Exploration

Many people have questioned the use of space exploration on Earth. The truth is, space exploration has benefitted our society. Space exploration has benefitted things like health and medicine. Some of the technology used in CT scans were originally created to enhance images of the moon. NASA even found a space produced crystal which helped pharmaceuticals make and sell certain types of medicine. The exploration of space could also benefit our future. If astronomers ever found a life sustaining planet it would be great news. When our planet eventually perishes the human race would not have to go with it. It is amazing how many ways space exploration helps us humans.

What if Humankind Does Not Explore Space?

There are two sides to the argument of this question. 

The one side states that there would be no risk of an astronaut's life. Taxes could be spent on urgent issues. We could stay away from dangerous unknown forms of life.

The other people state less advancements would be made in technology. The human species may not last as long. We could never find other forms of life to study.

Space-Related Careers

There are two branches of careers to pursue. Aerospace and Aeronautics are both related to flight.


Aerospace jobs are concerned with space flight. The jobs can help to provide scientifical and technical research. For anyone who would like to be hired for one of these jobs, they will need a bachelors degree, but a masters degree would be preferred.

Here are a few other careers in this branch: Engineer, life scientist, mathmatician, physical scientist, and technician.


Aeronautics jobs are based on flight within the Earth's atmosphere. These jobs will focus on vehicles like aircrafts.

Some careers are: Pilot, flight engineer, air traffic controller, and aircraft technician